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Sheckles Siblings

Sheckles Family Thanksmas 2016 
Sheckles siblings:  Steven, Ron, Roger, Jerry, and Thelma 

Siblings Jerry, Steven and Ron Sheckles all have Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). 
PKD is an inherited disorder in which clusters of cysts develop in the kidneys.  Polycystic kidneys can be the size of large footballs and weigh up to 30 lbs each.


Update: Jerry, Ron and Steve have received a kidney transplant. 

Steven Sheckles 

Kidney transplant - June 10, 2022

Time on transplant list:  5 years 

Steve's living donor started the process July 2021 and found out May 3, 2022 they were approved to move forward with surgery.

Ron Sheckles 

Kidney transplant - March 26, 2021

Time on transplant list:  9 years

Jerry Sheckles

Kidney transplant - November 6, 2020

Time on transplant list:  5 years and 2 weeks 

*updated 7/18/2022


Steven with his grandson, Henry.

Ron with his daughter, Mandy and grandchildren, Karley, Bradley, and Harper.

Jerry with his grandson, Carson.

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